Penneco Oil and Drilling Associates Utilizes Multi-Well Pads To Reduce Impact On The Environment

Penneco Oil Company and its drilling associates recently began drilling horizontal wells in the Appalachian Basin and Wyoming. Multi-well pads are quickly becoming the norm for today’s drilling protocol as the oil and gas industry increasingly utilizes the benefits of drilling from this new technology.

Multi-well pads use a single pad to drill, complete, and produce multiple horizontal wells. Once a well is drilled, the rig only moves within 20 feet to drill the next well, making multi-well pads far more efficient. This type of drilling has several benefits including reducing the surface impact. With the traditional vertical wells, each well required a separate drilling pad.

With multi-well pads, Penneco Oil Co. can efficiently drill and produce natural gas and crude oil from a chosen reservoir by drilling horizontal wells in close proximity to each other.

Acreage can by affected by oil and gas production. However, as well pads are typically similar in size regardless of whether it contains one wellhead or six, using multi-well pad drilling can dramatically reduce surface disturbance like the need for roads and pipeline access to multiple drilling sites. In addition to reducing land disturbances, multi-well pad drilling reduces the time spent on rig setup, breakdown, and movement. This leads to dramatically less time spent on the site, which minimizes the environmental impact.

Multi-well pad drilling is just the beginning of decreasing the surface impact. Penneco drilling techniques improve in conjunction with the oil and gas industry as it gains insight into new technologies. With more than 30 years of industry experience, the drilling associates at Penneco work to provide landowner satisfaction and ensure every well site is restored to its original condition.


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