Shale Development Invests in Millions of Work Hours

Penneco Drilling Associates shared good news about investment in oil and gas job in Ohio, according to Energy in Depth. Such growth in the number of oil and gas workers and hours of employment promises a good future for the development of the oil and gas industry. It’s better now to invest in oil and gas, invest in the future, said Penneco investors and industry professionals from Energy in Depth.

Penneco Oil Company

Follow on our previous conversation about how the oil and gas industry has created abundant job opportunities and expedite economic recovery after the 2008 recession, we would like to share some good news from Ohio. This week, the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LiUNA) in Ohio has announced that it has logged more than 1 million work hours this year, and will continue to bring more than 3 million hours in 2016. LiUNA is not the only building trade that benefits from the oil and gas industry; other trades, such as the International Union of Operating Engineers and the United Association will soon get millions of work hours thanks to the shale development, according to Energy in Depth.

Additionally, while the job market is still competitive as the U.S. economy has just recovered from the recession, shale development offers middle-class jobs, which mean that potential workers would not necessarily need…

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