Shale Development in Maryland – Investing or Not

Recently there have been many different opinions on both sides about Maryland Shale Development. While Maryland is standing an incredible opportunity to join the rest of the country in natural gas development, its hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has raised many questions about the safety and environment impacts. The truth is that the audience lacks an adequate amount of truths to understand fracking and its potential investment in the future. In order to provide the public with actual facts, Energy In Depth has created this infographic to debunk myths about fracking safety and explain enormous benefits that natural gas investment can bring to Maryland and its residents.

According to President Obama and his top environmental advisors, not only does fracking have a low risk associated with water contamination, the development of natural gas also further supports our efforts to provide clean energy in home markets and create thousands of new jobs in Maryland. Instead of fueling our cars and trucks with foreign oil, we are having this opportunity to increase the production of domestic natural gas and bring over millions of new tax revenues to the state. Let’s review this Myths and Facts on Maryland Shale Development infographic to understand what this investment actually brings to Maryland and its residents.


penneco-drilling-shale-development Myths and Facts about Maryland Shale Development


One thought on “Shale Development in Maryland – Investing or Not

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    Investing in oil and gas has always been a big decision not only for individuals but also for state and city government. Regarding the shale development opportunity in Maryland, there have been ongoing debates to decide whether fracking would negatively impact the environment. This infograhic from Energy in Depth will provide factual comments from governmental officers and scientists so that we can better comprehend the real impact of shale development in Maryland.

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