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Since 2012, Marcellus and Utica Shales Lead U.S. Gas Production at 85%

As horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology have advanced, natural gas production has increased in the Marcellus Shale and neighboring Utica Shale. Both shales now lead the nation in supplying 85% of all natural gas production.


Extraction and processing of shale gas.

Energy In Depth’s Take On Fracking: Just The Facts

Energy In Depth is one of our go-to resources for providing our clients and business partners the latest in oil & gas developments. In the current economic and cultural climate where there are many voices and opinions on the industry, we encourage everyone to get the facts to develop educated viewpoints on the ins-and-outs of industry business practices. Our friends at Energy In Depth have an excellent write up on a hot button topic, Hydraulic Fracturing, widely known as “Fracking.”


Fracking Rig, Close-Up

Myth Vs. Fact: The Truth On Fracking From Independent Research & Science

There are many opinions and beliefs regarding the energy industry’s practice of fracking. A number of myths have been perpetuated from a long line of Hollywood actors and activists. Check out this video on some of the top fracking myths and why they are just that: myths. Don’t be fooled, fracking is fundamentally safe and the risks are very manageable.

More on the Gasland Films from EID – From Flaming Faucet to Flaming Hose: The Continuing Fraud of Gasland

Energy In Depth’s Steve Everley, discusses the iconic scenes from “Gasland” and “Gasland Part II,” revealing that the cause of these occurrences were unrelated to hydraulic fracturing.

The Flaming Faucet Scene from “Gasland”


The Flaming Hose Scene from “Gasland Part II”

I suggest you read the Energy In Depth article and learn how these fraudulent claims in the films are misleading viewers.