Energy Scholarships


2014 FAEE Scholarships

The Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers scholarships are available to students obtaining their undergraduate or graduate degrees who are enrolled in an accredited college or university with a focus on energy engineering or energy management. 

  • Al Thumann Scholarship ($2,000): Awarded to the most outstanding nominee.
  • CWEEL Scholarships ($1,500 – $1,000) Awarded to two most outstanding female nominees.
  • Konstantin Lobodovsky Scholarship (1,000): Awarded to the second most outstanding nominee.
  • Andrew Risso Scholarship ($1,000): Awarded to the third most outstanding nominee.
  • Francisco Guerrero Scholarship ($1,000): Awarded to the fourth most outstanding nominee.
  • AEE Scholarships ($500 each): Awarded in the ranking order until the fiscal year fund run out.


Penneco Invests in the Future of Energy Scholarship

Penneco Invests in the Future of Energy Scholarship program, awards a total of $4,000 in scholarships to two college students majoring in geology, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, or petroleum geology at a four-year university. Penneco will award scholarships to two future problem solvers who are passionate about America’s energy future.


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