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Oil & Gas IQ

Oil and Gas IQ is an online oil and gas information source, great for keeping up with all the upcoming oil and gas presentations and events. They deliver information on oil and gas industry developments through original articles, videos, podcasts forums, blogs, and whitepapers on the website. Membership to the Oil and Gas IQ community is required to view much of the content; the good news is it is completely free to sign up and join.


Energy In Depth
@EnergyInDepth     @EIDOhio     @EIDMarcellus     @EIDMtnStates     @EIDIllinois    @EIDTexas     @EIDCalif     @EIDMichigan

The Energy In Depth website provides fact sheets, videos, charts and graphs, breaking down the oil and gas development process, giving you the facts and straitening out some of the more common myths you may have heard about the industry.  EID is focused on straightening out the facts about the “promise and potential of responsibly developing America’s onshore energy resource base.”  The information on the site is broken down by state, geological formation or play, each with a unique dedicated twitter handle making it super easy to keep track of the latest news, facts, and developments  within a given region. 



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